As a female musician, I've always been about female empowerment and celebrating the many great rock goddesses that have made so much history in the rock world. In 2012, I started a blog called Women in Rock writing about both old and new female musicians to entertain, introduce and educate readers on the many greats, both well-known and relatively unknown.

To me, fashion and music go hand in hand. I wanted to open an Etsy store to sell vintage clothing but I needed some direction. I wanted some way to tie my blog and new vintage store together. Avid Noise is the perfect way to do that. Avid Noise draws inspiration from many of my favorite women in rock in its various collections.

A disclaimer: These are my interpretations of various styles worn by women in rock. We may agree or disagree on looks and that's fine! In addition, do you have a favorite woman in rock whose style you love? Send me an email, maybe I can put together a collection inspired by your favorite musician!

I play drums in Black Planet and Pearl de Vere.