City Flea
by:izzi @ 2014-09-18 07:13:43

We are very excited to share that Avid Noise will have a booth at City Flea this Saturday, September 20th at Washington Park! We will bring rockin' vintage clothes and costume jewelry from Krombholz Jewelers! Be sure to come by and say hi. The flea market goes from 10-4 and there will be around 200 great and unique vendors!


Recent Events at Avid Noise!
by:izzi @ 2014-08-24 06:17:49

My family vacation to Nice, France started off in the absolute best way possible!!!!! We were at the aiport for 9 hours when Joan Jett so happened to be at the very same gate! She is the nicest rocker in the entire world. It was an absolute honor and privilege to meet her! Also, I must note she was wearing a striped tank shirt, black skinny jeans and moto boots. She looks so great! 


Also, I had a really great time in Nice!! It was beautiful and on Monday they have a flea market! You better bet I found Avid Noise goodies! Look forward to those items. Photo shoot taking place this week, the new items from France will be added ASAP! Here's a picture of my sister and I shopping for all you rocker dolls out there!











Avid Noise at Krombholz Jewelers
by:izzi @ 2014-08-04 12:39:57

NOW! At Krombholz Jewelers you can find a collection of Avid Noise jewelry designed by yours truly. The collection features black chokers with brooches or other vintage pieces found and converted into pendants. The look of the jewelry is simple, yet dark. There are a range of styles and a range of prices! You can shop the jewelry in store at Krombholz or on their etsy ( 

Avid Noise on I Fly A Starship!!!
by:izzi @ 2014-07-16 07:29:05

Avid Noise gets love from awesome fashion blogger/model, Isabel Hendrix who writes a great blog, I Fly a Starship! She is a rad girl and this is a great article! Check it out here. Also, look around her website because its super cool!

Joy Raygun Makes Us Look Punk
by:izzi @ 2014-07-13 09:14:40

I have had quite the time finding Women in Rock patches. Yes, you can buy vintage ones on eBay, etc. but that gets expensive and they're never big enough for back patches. Plus, there isn't enough of a variety of the Women in Rock I'm looking for. I was starting to get distressed and depressed and then I found Miss Joy Raygun on Etsy. What do you know, she also lives in Cincy and has a badass rock n' roll Etsy store!!!

Joy started Raygun Industries after college when she realized she wanted to make things and become self-sufficient rather than work for a large business. Joy focused on making her own rock n roll products (patches, handmade clothes, etc.) all inspired by music, art, comic books and science fiction. Luckily for Avid Noise, she makes awesome patches including Kathleen Hanna, Patti Smith, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, The Cramps and many more. I think I may just have to keep the Cramps one for myself!! 

Fun fact: Joy's favorite female musician is Becky Bondage from Vice Squad. Be sure to check out Joy's store, Raygun IndustriesBelow are the patches I had to have for Avid Noise! Check out the Patti Smith vest as well available on Avid Noise's Etsy store. 


Avid Noise in Cincy Chic
by:izzi @ 2014-07-07 11:02:41

Avid Noise was just featured in the Cincinnati's online lifestyle publication for women called, Cincy Chic. It is a great article and I really appreciate it! You can read the article here

Lydia Lunch Says it All
by:izzi @ 2014-06-23 09:45:37

Lydia Lunch is a punk legend. She is beautiful, dark and sexy and always able to push the boundaries of punk. A no wave musician, a spoken word performer, a poet, a writer, a self-empowerment speaker, she is by far one of the most influential punk women. Starting out in Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, her career is beyond prolific. Now, she is touring with Retrovirus, capturing her career in music since 1977. Luckily, she's playing Mayday in Cincinnati on Wednesday, June 25th.

Lydia Lunch was kind enough to answer some questions I had regarding fashion, music and her career. Read the interview here

Stay tuned on Avid Noise for the Lydia Collection. 

Slumber Party Massacre 2
by:izzi @ 2014-06-18 06:17:42

Slumber Party Massacre two is a quirky gem of a movie from the 1980s. Here are some reasons why you should watch it!


1. It is about an all female band. They even play a few tunes throughout the movie!


2. The fashion is great, truly inspiring for summertime. Rock/surf/80s looks.


3. The killer gets his own theme song and his kill instrument is a souped up guitar. Stud muffin.


4. Wikipedia states that it is a rock n' roll slasher film. What could be better than that?


5. You can watch the entire thing on Youtube.