The Kathleen Collection

Kathleen Hanna is one of the most important women in rock ever. She is a legendary feminist and musician. She formed Bikini Kill in the early 90s and was really the cover girl, lead warrior for the riot grrrl movement. She's front Le Tigre and had her own project, the Julie Ruin. And through all of this, she's battle Lymes Disease. She is truly extraordinary. What's cool about Kathleen though is her style. Its so punk yet almost preppy at times. The Kathleen collection is for all my riot grrrls out there! 

Yellow Spiderweb Blouse

Black Floral Mini Dress

Red Plaid Skirt

Black Daisy Dress

Light Blue Tank Dress

Green Plaid School Girl Uniform

Red Velvet Jumper

Leopard Fur Skirt