The Exene Collection

Exene Cervenka is one of the most legendary punk women in the history of rock n' roll. Exene is in X, a punk band formed in Los Angeles in 1977. Aside from having a voice mixed with desperation and conviction, Exene's fashion sense has always been great. A lot punk, a little bit western, Exene mixed the slightly disheveled look of the 80s underground with a style that reflected on her rockabilly/country band, The Knitters.

Stunning Long Goth Dress

Red and Black Leopard Maxi Skirt

The Exene Outfit

Black and Cream Maxi Skirt

Fringe Cocktail Dress

Red and Black Button Down Dress

Navy Blue Button Down Dress

Brown Flower Dress

Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress

Basic Blue Dress